In 2019, I had the honour to participate in the renowned 'Popkurs' by Eventim in Hamburg, Germany. You can find pictures from this adventure in my photo section. Listen to the great tracks on SoundCloud
Writing songs is my passion. Like a sculptor, I try to unveil hidden lyrics and powerful imagery in the overall mass of words and language. My approaches to songwriting are unconventional to some degree and if you want to hear more about my writing process, feel free to follow my Podcast/Blog Songwriting Tips & Tricks for more. If you want to learn about Songwriting, you can easily enrolled in my Patreon course on Songwriting Techniques.
If you are interested in songwriting, you might also want to listen to my podcast and read my blog on songwriting techniques below.
For collaborations, please use the contact form, or any other social media platform to get in touch. 
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